1. Seattle, WA

    "Before Dr. Emerson restored my teeth, I had no idea how much healthy looking teeth would improve my appearance and confidence.  I am more outgoing now and I love to laugh and smile!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 37, M.J.S.
  2. Bellevue, WA

    "Everyone who wants to keep their teeth functional and a beautiful smile needs to see Dr. Emerson and her team for long-term dental maintenance!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 86, J. P.
  3. Lake Stevens, WA

    "I didn't know how to take care of these implants.  My hands are getting weaker, and I wasn't cleaning them or my denture very well.  Your gentle education was so important and now it doesn't always hurt when food catches underneath it!  Many many times thank you!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 89, M.K.
  4. Edmonds, WA

    "Wow, even just fixing that one tooth, my bite feels much better!  It is much more solid!  And it looks so natural!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 66, V. C.
  5. Duvall, WA

    "No one has approached my dental health this way.  I had no idea my bite was doing this much harm to my jaw joint and causing the stuffyness and ringing in my ears.  I realize now how I was adapting to other dentistry and to my teeth shifting in my mouth instead of getting the dental help to preserve my bite.  I could feel the difference at once, it's obvious!  I'm so grateful to you and y…Read More

    Current patient: age 67, S. T.
  6. South Seattle, WA

    "Your dental treatment of four veneers not only strengthened my fracturing upper front teeth for several more decades of eating, they also made my OK smile into a gorgeous one!  I couldn't be more thrilled with both results -- one planned, and the other serendipitous!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 71, J. E.
  7. Shoreline, WA

    "I really like the entire team's comprehensive gracious ability to care for my teeth and for me as a patient.  Dr. Emerson's gentle touch goes without saying!  She has a great chair-side way!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 55, A. S.
  8. Everett, WA

    "I went through so much heartache with my teeth before I had this done.  This was night and day amazingly better!"…Read More

    Current patient: age 52, J. L.