1. Tips for Good Dental Habits for Kids

      North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry wants to help you teach your kids good dental hygiene habits.  All parents know this isn’t always easy, you have to make them brush when they don’t want to and you have to deny them treats you know their taste buds would enjoy but that…Read More

  2. Bad Habits which May BE Wrecking Your Teeth

    Ask your Kenmore dentist if your Dental Habits are Harming your Teeth As an educator in the North Seattle dental community, Dr. Emerson and her team at North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry strive to provide the community and their patients with information and education that will h…Read More

  3. How to Get Rid of WARTS and Why It’s Important

    What is the most common way to get rid of oral warts? Eat proteins and take vitamins to boost your immune system so you can heal and get over the virus! Yes, warts are a virus! It can take six months to two years to get rid of the bumps. If you have them longer than six months, you should begin cons…Read More