Restorative dentistry, sometimes referred to as corrective dentistry, is especially designed for the repair, strengthening, and replacement of teeth.  A patient may need a restorative procedure due to partial or complete tooth loss, cracked or broken teeth, or after undergoing a recent root canal.  For people living in North Seattle or Kenmore, WA, and who are experiencing any of these dental issues, Dr. Emerson and North Seattle Restorative and Preventive Dentistry can help.

Dr. Emerson and her comprehensive dental team have been highly trained in providing improved dental health which results in a higher quality of life. They take great care to incorporate the individual needs and decisions of patients concerning their dental options, and Dr. Emerson uses cutting edge instruments and equipment for all restorations.  Dental restoration choices vary greatly in quality and cost, particularly for cases involving the best materials and expert laboratory clinicians. We strive to provide options best suited to each patient’s budget needs.

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The following are brief descriptions of the restorative treatment options Dr. Emerson offers patients: