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Preventative Dentistry Kenmore WATrue to its name, “preventative dentistry” involves proper dental hygiene as well as regular visits to your dentist to prevent many negative dental conditions.  In this way, dental problems can be caught in a timely manner and treated while still in an early stage.  If you live in the Kenmore, WA, or North Seattle area and are looking for a dentist offering comprehensive preventative care, Dr. Jennifer Emerson and her team are here for you.  Besides preventative care and general practice dentistry, Dr. Emerson’s dentistry includes complex restorations such as crowns, tooth implants, strengthening veneers, and other replacement and strengthening dental procedures.

At our dental office North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry, we strongly believe that you can avoid many extensive dental procedures by regularly visiting us for checkups and cleanings. We design preventative care based on a patient’s age group and individual dental needs.  Preventative options can vary depending on the time, cost, and effort treatment requires.  We work to keep patients informed about the most cost-effective treatments including the options below for preventative care.

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