We welcome you to get to know us! Our team consists of individuals who fulfill the philosophy and the goals of our office!

Each member of Dr. Emerson’s team has been selected for their high level of training and unusual capabilities. Dr. Emerson’s supporting team consists of an Operations Manager, a Financial Advisor, a Care Coordinator, a Hygiene specialist, and two chair-side Assistants. Together the team shares unique central goals: to educate and to comprehensively provide excellent dental care for every patient depending on their individual needs and interests. In a welcoming and comfortable environment, this team works hard to provide the highest quality of patient care. The members of Dr. Emerson’s team have been chosen for skills which create a comprehensive and positive dental experience for each patient.

Besides these in-office staff, our team includes three labs of the finest dental quality in the country who happen to be located in the Seattle area. These have been selected by Dr. Emerson for their excellence in making prosthodontic products such as strengthening dental veneers, crowns, partial dentures, and implants for the long-term. This level of work is not part of quick, one-day fixes. The lasting durability and functionality of the superior materials which these labs use and the highly skilled clinicians they employ are an important part of our team’s excellence and success. The LeBeau Lab, the Bourke Lab, and Quail Creek Lab are of this caliber. Their reputation is of such a high quality that certain general dentists only refer their patients to specialist dentists whose cases will be accepted by these two labs.