In caring for old and new patients alike, this is our mission:

We are eager to strenthen your teeth and enhance your smile. Our patients’ satisfaction and good dental health is our success! We welcome you!

We strive to bring to all patients the highest quality care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This involves using the latest techniques, the highest quality of materials, and a dental team that is both compassionate and highly capable. We also continually consult with other dental specialists who have updated experience using innovative resources.

Our goal is first to emphasize intervention and prevention in effectively lowering the occurrence of gum disease, dental decay, and dental infection. Secondly, we focus on rebuilding and strengthening smiles for long-term comfort, satisfactory appearance, and chewing ability. The quality of our dentistry requires clear communication with you, our patients. We greatly appreciate your efforts to understand your dental needs and options, and then participate in changes that bring about improved dental health as well as better long-term general health. Together we can contribute to and often significantly improve your quality of life!