You can make choices now that greatly impact your future dental and medical health. Home care can make or break the needs and treatment options for many adult patients. A well maintained mouth will need less dental reconstruction. So, just as we focus on our overall health in view of long-term medical consequences, consistent maintenance of our teeth leads to the need for fewer major procedures and it can limit the loss of teeth.

Historians indicate that we were not meant to keep our teeth past child-bearing age; yet we are asking more of our teeth as we live longer. Many people are on borrowed time when they expect teeth to remain healthy without careful maintenance. Current science shows that certain conditions worsen with age. These include dry mouth conditions in adults as well as clenching and grinding habits. The use of dental appliances at home (such as electric toothbrushes, floss, or night guards) is often a pivotal variable for dental options regarding reconstruction which saves teeth and bone vs more aggressive implant dentistry or dentures. The biology or genetics of a patient may to some extent dictate dental conditions and subsequent dental choices, but there is no doubt that you can maximize dental health through good home care habits.