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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Kenmore WA

Full-mouth reconstruction may consist of a combination of reconstruction treatments.  Your care can include many kinds of treatments including the following:

Foundation restorations are often needed underneath crowns, bridges, metal-ceramics or porcelain-ceramics on teeth.  Titanum implants provide excellent foundation as well.  Often aesthetic composite resin fillings, in-lays and on-lays in composite resin or in ceramic veneer material or minimally invasive external and internal bleaching are combined with these treatments. Below are two examples of before and after treatment smiles.

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Gold and Porcelain Fillings & Titanium Abutments for Strength

These materials for restoration fillings are often preferred by patients for their appearance and durability.

Surgical Intervention is often paired with Orthodontic Treatment

We coordinate and support you through procedures for minimally invasive periodontal care, movement of teeth (using retainers), surgical biotechnology, and bone regeneration utilizing recombinant growth factors for implant candidates needing sinus lifts or bulk for aesthetics.  We also dictate timing for orthodontic intervention to facilitate aesthetic needs where surgical results are not as ideal.  Simple and complex surgical procedures are planned with most case treatment under conscious sedation


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