You know a children’s dentist is going to have something to say about holiday candy and your child’s teeth. Well, I’m going to talk to you today from this mom’s perspective and I’m sure any dentist would agree.  I know my kids love candy, but I also know they want healthy teeth. It is my job to balance these things when I shop for goodies for those special holiday baskets and bags.  I have always taken the opportunity of an holiday baskets and bags to give my kids gardening supplies. I get  a trowel, kid’s gardening gloves, an apron, and some seeds and some peat pots. You can often even find mini shovels and hoes, all in matching colors. You can usually find whole matching sets in the gardening section of most home stores. I like to throw in a toy truck and sidewalk chalk too, anything really, that gets them out into the fair spring weather.

Yes, my kids get some candy too, I’m not the candy grinch but filling up a basket and bags with candy is just asking for trouble both nutrition and teeth wise. Another gift that can be given is a new toothbrush. Teaching our kids why we brush our teeth and how cavities occur should be a topic that is revisited with frequency. I also have my kids brush, and/or rinse their teeth with water (if we are out of the house) after they eat candy, and of course I personally ban all sticky candy from my house 365 days a year. I hope you’ve found my ideas an inspiration and you and your family enjoy your Holiday.