At the heart of cosmetic dentistry is the desire to have a natural looking smile with great dental health. Dental implantation can help achieve both of these goals. We will discuss the actual implantation procedure in this blog. The procedure will likely take place in the dentist office though a  few circumstances require an outpatient hospital visit. Oral or IV anesthesia will be used. The dentist will then cut a flap in the gum tissue. He or she will then use a set of increasingly large drill tips to make a hole the size of the implant screw. This is usually 3.25 mm in diameter and about 4mm in length. When the hole is judged to be of accurate size and position another drill head will be used to create screw threads for the screw to fit into to. It is not unusual for an x-ray to be taken at this point to ensure the hole is at the right angle. The screw will then be placed and a space holding cap will be placed on top while the gum heals. The gum will be stitched and then the healing will begin. At a later date, a natural looking crown will be placed on the screw head and your natural looking smile will surely give your cause to smile. Besides helping keep your jawbone healthy, and giving you a great smile, artificial teeth are not subject to decay. It is still necessary to brush and floss daily to keep the gum healthy and prevent the gum receding. We hope we have provided you with a general idea about dental implantation so you feel more able to take part in the decision.