At North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry we strive to be the best children’s dental office in the Kenmore, WA area. When a child loses their baby, or deciduous teeth, we all hope the adult teeth come in straight and of average size, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a peg-lateral tooth appears. North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry of Kenmore, WA provides treatment of peg-lateral teeth for your children.

A peg-lateral tooth is an undersized lateral incisor, the teeth on either side of the front teeth. This occurs when the deciduous tooth, or baby tooth, does not fall out, or the adult tooth which replaces the deciduous tooth is underdeveloped. The result is an undersized tooth. The appearance of this undersized tooth can distract from an otherwise exemplary smile. The first option for fixing this is a porcelain veneer or a crown, but sometimes the existing teeth are inadequate to support these. In those cases there are three options. General consensus is that this can be treated in three ways, a porcelain veneer or crown, a porcelain based bridge, and a dental implant.  Veneers are a covering attached to the surface of your teeth that can give you an even, white smile. A porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-gold bridge is when the teeth are supported from behind with a splint and then a veneer is attached to that. Dental implantation is when a titanium implant is embedded into the jawbone. It is implanted and given time for bone to grow around it. When this is complete a tooth is attached to the exposed end of the implant. Whichever method you and the dentist agree upon, the result is a great smile and a more self confident you.

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