1. Fit a Locator Liner

    I’m Dr. Jenny Emerson. I have a lot of patients who can’t always make it to the dental office, and so I like to give you the tools in order to take care of your own prosthesis. Let’s talk about how to switch out a locator liner. (more…)…Read More

  2. New to Dentures?

    North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry, your local dentist, is your ally in your lifelong dental health. If the time has come for your to have dentures there are a few things to learn to make life with dentures easy. Dentures can be a full metal framework of teeth or a partial. In many…Read More

  3. Tips for Good Dental Habits for Kids

      North Seattle Restorative and Preventative Dentistry wants to help you teach your kids good dental hygiene habits.  All parents know this isn’t always easy, you have to make them brush when they don’t want to and you have to deny them treats you know their taste buds would enjoy but that…Read More

  4. What To Do When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

      Summertime is here! School is out and kids are running free, playing ball, climbing trees and taking off on their bikes. Summertime means injuries too: broken arms, sprained ankles and teeth knocked out. Summertime means extra outdoor activities that open you and your kids up to the possibili…Read More

  5. Secrets for Whiter Teeth from a local dentist Dr. Jennifer Emerson of the North Seattle and Kenmore areas:

    With a dedication to our patients’ satisfaction as well as their good dental health, we at North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry are eager to brighten and strengthen your smile. 1. Avoid or at least limit drinks and foods that can stain your teeth. For example, coffee, tea, tobacc…Read More

  6. Bad Habits which May BE Wrecking Your Teeth

    Ask your Kenmore dentist if your Dental Habits are Harming your Teeth As an educator in the North Seattle dental community, Dr. Emerson and her team at North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry strive to provide the community and their patients with information and education that will h…Read More

  7. Super-Bowl Snacking with Dr. Emerson

    The Super Bowl is upon us, GO HAWKS!   I am writing in efforts of contributing to your good dental health.  We at North Seattle Restorative & Preventative Dentistry, your local dentist in Kenmore, are eager to keep you out of dental harm’s way while you cheer on Russell Wilson, Kearse &…Read More

  8. Why Does Dentistry Cost So Much?

    They help you so much, keeping your teeth healthy and your smile stunning, but then you see the bill. Even after insurance, the words affordable dentistry can can seem like an oxymoron, and this is why. Dentistry costs seem expensive for several reasons. First, you are not just paying for the serv…Read More

  9. Why Is Mint in So Many Dental Products?

    The mint family of plants is a group of very powerful herbs that have oil producing glands. These hair-like oil glands are located on the surfaces of the undersides of the leaves and on the stems — and are the plant parts that are used for their powerful effects and for flavorings, especially at y…Read More