Hitting balls on the green is never more enjoyable than it is at the Inglewood Golf Club. Part of the Inglewood Country Club, which was founded back in 1919, the golf course first opened for play in 1921. Since then, it has been a prime location for golf enthusiasts from Kenmore, WA who want to play a round. It’s undergone many renovations since its opening, making it one of the most beautiful and sought-after golf courses around.


Joining the Club


As a private golf club, golfers who want to experience what Inglewood has to offer must become members. You may either join as a full golf member or a social member. Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to play a round whenever the course is open. Imagine being able to experience the challenge and beauty of this course whenever you desire.

Membership, however, is limited. By only allowing a certain number of memberships each season, it’s possible to keep the course from becoming overcrowded. This ensures you have the best experience possible whenever you come to play. To become a member, you must be invited. Two current members need to sponsor your application, which is then reviewed by the board during a monthly meeting.


The Course


Inglewood Golf Club features the most serene golfing experience in Kenmore, WA. This 18-hole course is both physically demanding and difficult. Even the most experienced players will find that the course challenges their golf skills. Mastering all 18 holes will ensure your golf game is up to par.

In addition to the course, members can also practice their golf skills on a grass driving range, practice putting greens, and chipping greens. There is even a practice bunker area available. If you so desire, you may sign up for professional golf instruction or participate in a tournament.


Other Events


The next time you’re planning a party or gathering in Kenmore, WA, it’s time to consider the Inglewood Golf Club. The club features an elaborate 1920’s era ballroom, which is perfectly elegant for a formal affair. Many weddings have been held over the years in this grand space. The ballroom has a capacity of 250 people.

Adjacent to the ballroom is the veranda. This space is the perfect backdrop for smaller events. The capacity for the veranda is 30-100 people. Your guests will enjoy the pristine views of the golf course fairways and elegant fountain. If you’re hosting a larger event, consider opening the ballroom into the veranda.

When choosing a location for an important business meeting, you want a space that is intimate, without feeling closed in. You also want something that is professional. The Inglewood Golf Club also features several smaller spaces which are perfect for work gatherings. There is even a cozy boardroom where you can entertain clients. No matter the reason for your gathering, you will find that the club has the perfect space for you.


From hitting balls on the green to hosting elegant events, the Inglewood Golf Club has so much to offer. Members can enjoy many benefits that come with their membership, and others can request an appointment to tour the facility. Come discover why when it comes to golfing in Kenmore, WA, so many people come here. Back to Home

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